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In issue 17, Winter 1997, we highlighted the YULE families in Kincardineshire. We established through Sheriff Court records that there were Yules in the Banchory Devenick Parish since 1507. By 1617 there were William, James, Walter and John YULE living in the village of Murthill Banchory Devenick. By 1780 one family seemed to be in the farms close to the Dee River; Mains of Banchory, Milton of Murtle and Middleton of Pitfour. The other family were south east about 8 miles at Clashfarquar, Hill of Findon and Portlethan.

Clashfarquar was south of Portlethan near the fishing village of Downie and close to the Fetteresso Parish Boundary. A Church Quoad Sacra parish of Portlethan was constituted in 1856 within the civil parish of Banchory Devenick. The church in Portlethan had been Roman Catholic chapel built in around 1635 by Robert Buchan. By 1744, the chapel had fallen into disuse and became a Presbyterian chapel with a minister from Fetteresso preaching every other Sunday. The church was rebuilt in 1834 and can be easily seen from the motorway going into Aberdeen.

Robert YULE, son of Robert and Helen (MAIN) YULE, was born 5 July 1795, Clashfarquar, Banchory-Devonick and died 4 December 1878, Ballater House, Glenmuick, Aberdeenshire. He married Elizabeth LAW who was born 1803 and died 22 July 1866 and is buried in Churchyard, Portlethen.

On the 1841 census the family lived at Allerice Street, Stonehaven, Robert was a clothier. His will says he died Loirestone House, Ballater and gives his family as David YULE writer, Edinburgh; George YULE merchant London and Calcutta; and Andrew YULE merchant, London and Calcutta. (Civil death record and book of Commissaries)

David, son of Robert and Elizabeth (LAW) YULE, was born 1 January 1825, Stonehaven, Fetteresso and died 4 January 1909 Bournemouth, England. He married Margaret YOUNG, daughter of James YOUNG. The marriage is registered on 23 December 1849 at Stonehaven and 24 December 1849, St. Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Midlothian. His occupation was that of a writer and later he became the cashier for the Sasine Office, Register House, Edinburgh. (Church records Fetteresso Parish, Edinburgh and 1851 census Edinburgh.)

George, son of Robert and Elizabeth (LAW) YULE, was born 7 May 1829, Stonehaven, Fetteresso and died 22 July 1892. He is buried in the Dunottar Cemetery, just south of Stonehaven. He married Elizabeth HANGER who was born ca. 1833 and died 8 January 1880. Later he married Francis Caroline DURWARD who was born ca. 1851 and died 5 February 1930.

(M.I. for Dunnottar Churchyard A&NEFHS 1985 #269 p.28)

Andrew, son of Robert and Elizabeth (LAW) YULE, was born 2 November 1834, Stonehaven Fetteresso. He married Katherine.

George and Andrew moved to Manchester around 1855 and started a partnership as warehousemen in 1858. By 1862, George became quite prosperous and lived at Platt Hall which is now a Municipal Art Gallery. He also had a residence at 22A Austin Friars, London. (George Yule & Company printed by G. Constable Ltd. page 1)

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The book Andrew Yule & Company; Andrew Yule & Co. LTD 1863-1963 was printed for Private circulation in 1963.

The book mentions that the first of the family to visit India were William YULE, who went in 1772 and his half brother James YULE who went to Madras in 1799. In the records for Banchory Devonic, Robert YULE and Elspet MILNE have two sons . James was born 1752 and William 1755. I cannot find another marriage for Robert YULE in the church records. Nor a marriage for William and James.

Andrew YULE, son of Robert and Elizabeth (LAW) Yule, went to India, around 1858, at a time of change and the development of industry. By the time he arrived the East India Company had given over to the British Government responsibility for the government of India. Work had started on the Suez Canal, railways, postal service and telegraph services had been opened up in India. The tea industry had expanded. One of the first enterprises of Andrew YULE was with the Hoolungpooree Tea company, and the management of this tea company was still under the control of the Andrew YULE & Co.

By 1866, Andrew seems to have been a representative of three insurance companies and a cloth company. In 1875, he established interest in jute, cotton coal as well as tea. In 1875 George joined him and brought along his nephew, David, the son of David and Margaret (YOUNG) YULE. George became the principal director of the various enterprises. Andrew returned frequently to England until 1888, when he retired and moved to Dulwich now part of London.

George took a leading role in public affairs and became the Sheriff of Calcutta in 1886. In 1888, George became the fourth President of the Indian National Congress. In 1891, he retired to England and died in 1892. He is buried in Dunottar Cemetery, Kincardineshire.

David , son of David and Margaret (YOUNG) YULE, was born 4 August 1858, Morningside, Edinburgh. He went to India and 1875 and worked at the Bengal Cotton Mills. He lived in the mill compound until his marriage to Annie Henrietta YULE in 1900. Their home was located at 42 Garden Reach, Calcutta and known as Ashad Manzil. It had been at one time occupied by the ex-King of Oudh. They had one daughter Gladys Meryl who was born 30 July 1903.

Andrew , son of David and Margaret (YOUNG) YULE, was born 8 July 1863, Edinburgh. He joined the firm in 1884 as an assistant. He was lost overboard from the s.s. Mandala on the way to Bombay in 1916.

William, son of David and Margaret (YOUNG) YULE, was born 19 March 1866, Edinburgh. He joined the Andrew Yule & Co. In 1888. He contacted cholera and was buried in the Calcutta Scottish Cemetery.

In 1892, the firm managed four jute mills, a cotton mill, three tea companies and an insurance company. David purchased his uncles George and Andrew shares of the company so became sole owner in 1902. Later the management had expanded to four jute mills, one inland navigation company, one cotton mill, fifteen tea companies, four coal companies, two flour mills, one oil mill, a small railway company, a jute press house and a real estate company. David concentrated most of his efforts in the tea and jute companies. He set up eight jute mills on the banks of the Hooghly River.

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Thomas Sivewright CATTO joined MacAndrews & Forbes an American company with interests in the far east in 1904. On 26th May 1919, the Andrew Yule & Co. was sold to a private limited company which was named the Andrew Yule Co. Ltd. Sir David YULE was the first chairman and Thomas Sivewright CATTO was the vice-chairman. Thomas CATTO, son of William and Isabella (YULE) CATTO, was born in 1879 in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire. Isabella YULE was the daughter of William and Isobella (WILSON) YULE and had no relationship to the Kincardineshire YULES. In 1919 Thomas went to Calcutta to take over from Sir David YULE as the manager of the Andrew Yule & Co. Ltd. Sir David YULE continued to hold the title of Chairman but had no active or executive part in the operations of the business.

King George V and Queen Mary visited India 1911-1912. They conferred knighthood on David YULE at an Investiture in Government House. David was the only non-official to be so honored. A friend is supposed to have said about the knighthood "David has provided food and employment for about 200,000 people. Is this not sufficient reason".

Later their Majesties visited the Belvedeere Jute Mills. In 1920, George Yule and Company became YULE, CATTO and Company Limited. In 1922, Sir David YULE received a baronetcy and took the title of Sir David YULE of Hugli River in the Province of Bengal.

In 1926, Sir David acquired the control of the Daily Chronicle. He later became chief shareholder of the Calcutta Newspapers the Statesman and the Englishman. Sir David died 3 July 1911, Southbourne, Bournmouth, England. Lady Anne YULE died in 1950. Their only daughter Gladys Yule died 24 August 1957. Lady Yule became involved with the development of the British Film Industry. She was the backer behind Sir Arthur Rank and his studios.


History from the book : Andrew Yule & Co. Ltd.

Andrew Yule & Co. had their offices at 8 Clive Row, Calcutta. This was the center of the ancient trading village of Sutanattee on the eastern bank of the Hooghly River. It was probably a trading center of Shutanati an Armenian trading center in the early seventeenth century. The East India Company issued a proclamation for traders to settle in the companies villages of Sutanattee, Kalikata and Govindpur. The East India Company had built Fort William in the area which is now Dalhousie Square and the Hooghly River in the eighteenth century. In 1911 the capitol of India was moved from Calcutta to Delhi, and this opened the area to business development. In 1905, David YULE purchased the property at 8 Clive Row and constructed a building for their management company offices.


Sheila Jelley is researching the surname BRIDGEFORD in Kincardine. John BRIDGEFOOT (ford) married 29 December 1787 St. Nicholas Parish, Aberdeen to Mary YULE. Mary daughter of Robert and Elspeth (MILNE) YULE was born 24 February 1759 Maryculter, Aberdeen, and died 1796 Banchory Devonick. She is buried in the Banchory-Devonick Churchyard (MI#154) along with George D. b. 1795 d. 1797; Thomas 20 Oct., 1790 d. 1808; and John.


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Pre 1855 Gravestone Inscriptions An Index for Kincardineshire (The Mearns) compiled by Alison Mitchell and published by the Scottish Genealogical Society 1986.

Banchory Devenick Churchyard 2A; page 25, #154

By Robert YOULE, John YOULE and John BRIDGEFOORD in memory of their father Robert YOULE, late in Cove, died 1798 age 74 years; (Wife Elspet MILNE died 1769 aged 36 years); John YOULE, son of James died 1796 aged 2 years; John BRIDGEFOORD, wife Mary YOULE died 1796 aged 38 years; Likewise George D. BRIDGEFOORD 1797 2 years; also Thomas BRIDGEFOORD 1808 aged 18 years.

Portlethan Churchyard 2C page 35, #3

David LAW ironmonger, Stonehaven, died 18 September, 1872 aged 75 years. Wife Mary YULE died 3 May 1848 aged 44 years, Mary 10 March 1850 aged 16 years, daughter Elizabeth, the last of the whole family died 13 November 1863 aged 28 years.

Portlethan Churchyard 2C page 37 #36

Tombstone erected by Robert YULE farmer Clashearoufrie, died 25 September 1834 aged 75, wife Helen MAINS died 20 September 1828 aged 62 years; daughter Helen died July 1859 aged 60 years (relict of Robert Gray, wright, Aberdeen; Son Robert, merchant in Stonehaven died Ballater December 1878 aged 84 years (wife Elizabeth LAW died 22 July 1866 aged 60); 1st son David, born Stonehaven, 1 November 1825, died Bournmouth, 4 November 1909; Margaret YOUNG daughter of James Young, born Stonehaven 18 February 1825, died Bournmouth 31 January 1911 aged 80. Andrew died at sea 10 April 1916.

Monumental Inscriptions for Dunnottar Churchyard (old section) by Alena L. Bathie for A&NEFHS 1985

Page 28 #269

To the memory of Eliza Margaret YULE b. Manchester 27 November 1854 died Stonehaven 26 August 1856; George YULE of London & Calcutta born Stonehaven 17 April 1829 died 26 March 1892; Frances Caroline DURWARD widow of George YULE died 5 February 1930 aged 79 years

(L.H.S. ) In memory of George YULE of London & Calcutta born Stonehaven 17 April 1829 died 26 March 1892.

(R.H.S.) In memory of Eliza M. Hanger wife of George YULE merchant London died 8 January 1880 aged 47 years.

From extracts of Wills:

YULE, Sir David, bart., 8 Clive Row, Calcutta, died 3 July 1928 at St. Albans, testate. Confirmation Edinburgh, 6 November, to Dame Annie Henrietta YULE, Hanstead House, St. Albans, his widow, and the Mercantile Bank of India Ltd. 15 Gracechurch Street, London, executors. Will dated 28 June 1922 recorded Edinburgh 5 November 1929. Value of estate 6,320 pounds.

Robert YULE, clothier of Stonehaven, died 4 December 1878 at Loirston House, Ballater. Confirmation to David YULE writer Edinburgh, George YULE merchant London and Calcutta residence Calcutta and Andrew YULE merchant London and Calcutta.


Copies of all sources available from the editor.