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Welcome to the Yule Family website!

The name "Yule" is classified as an occupational surname. It would have been given to that person who was in charge of keeping the Yule Log burning during the Winter Solstice celebrations throughout Northern Europe. To read about more Yule tide facts, check out the Yule Solstice page.

At the last count we had 110 spellings of the surname. Many of these varied spelling are completely interchangeable depending upon the area.
Check out the Yule Spellings to see if your name is there!

From time to time, I will be highlighting different branches of the Yule family in the Families section of this site.

I have issued a Yule Connection newsletter from 1992 - 2007.
All the back copies of this newsletter are posted here on the website in the Newsletter page.
They are indexed to make it easier for you to sort through them.

All of the Yule Family books, for the various areas of Scotland, are available from and are listed on the events page.
Indexes to the books are under Newsletters, 2008-9.

All special events that have anything to do with the Yules will be highlighted for you on the events page.

I am always on the look-out for new Yule Families so if you have any queries or information about a Yule Family,

please contact me at

Stella Yule Pryor